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So we’ve recently launched our new website which enables you to purchase a wide format printer and consumables from one place and it’s as easy as making the payment, getting a call from our sales team and arranging for product delivery… Really it’s that easy. BUT, understanding that some clients might be hesitant to just buy a wide format printer online and feel like you’ll be taken for a ride or scammed into the stone age is where we would like to put your mind at ease.

Knowing who we are and who you’re dealing with

Of course there is nothing wrong with giving us a call to actually speak to a human being. To you as our client it feels more secure, you directly connecting to someone on a business level and raises your confidence to trade with us.

You are more likely to invest your money when dealing with an actual person from the company, This also leads to being connected to everyone else at the company so you know that there will always be someone to talk to directly. By now you should personally know someone on our sales team if you regularly buy from us or if you are new. We encourage giving us a call or you can visit our Contact Us page and we’ll giver you a call. This way we can build a relationship not just by offering you the best prices, but giving you the best service possible.

Our online channels

Currently we have 5 online channels. Our main website and commerce store, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn
We tend to keep these updated on a regular basis with news of new printers and consumables, Successful installations and services and of course specials. We like to think of our social media pages as great way of show casing how proud we are of the work we deliver. The more growth we can gain on our channels, the better we get to know our clients and how they go to work.

Experience in the field counts

With years of experience of working with and selling Large Format Printers and Consumables, our sales team knows exactly how to advise you the best way possible. Whether you’re a company just starting out on need a new machine to increase your supply. We have a wide range on new and refurbished models available in many sizes to make sure your production needs are met. You might have heard of us during a conversation or possibly seen us online, but the most important thing is that heard and seen good things which we tend to build on.

Why buying on XLSonline is good for your

If you are a new customer or returning customer we urge you to place your with us online and you will be subject to special rewards, competitions and awesome giveaways. This is also another way skipping a phone call and where everything is handled online in a secure space. We are branching out on new ways to make payments as we already have great rental options in place and we don’t plan on stopping there.

Yes… We’re a Canon Gold Partner

We don’t mean to brag about it but we’re going to 🙂 Seriously this Post would not be complete without mentioning our status with Canon and their awesome range of Wide Format Printers. We get the latest news on new machines and we’re able to keep you up to date with the best deals and offers.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post. Please feel free to like and share and should you have any questions please leave a comment or feel free to Contact Us.

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