Mimaki TX500-1800B

High speed and quality digital printing for cotton, silk, hemp (linen), and rayon.
The Tx500-1800B features a conveyor belt system to ensure stable feeding of materials, especially for elastic fabric. The concept of this product is High-speed printing, as it has been with its preceding models TS500-1800 and Tx500-1800DS.

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  • Substantializing high definition print
    Nongranular, high image quality is achieved by variable dot sizes of 7pl and 21pl.

  • High quality print with reliability
    A function to reduce banding (stripes in the direction of media feed) during printing is provided.
  • Fast print speed
    Draft mode: 140m2/h (4-color spec), 85m2/h (6/8-color spec)
  • User friendly function
    Large capacity ink bottle and UISS function, Degassing module, Easy media loading and operation software standard


  • Print Head : On-demand Piezo head (6 printheads with 3 staggered conformation)
  • Max print wifth : 1,820 mm
  • Print Resolution : 300dpi, 450dpi, 600dpi, 900dpi, 1,200dpi
  • Ink Type : Sb300/Sb320, Rc300
  • Ink Supply System : Bottle
  • Ink Amount : 2L
  • Ink Color Variation : Sb300/Sb320: Bl,M,Y,K,Lbl,Lm ; Rc300: C,M,Y,K,Lk,Bl,Or,R
  • Media Thickness : Up to 5 mm
  • Power Consumption : Less than 10kVA (Optional heater is excluded. )
  • Dimensions : 3,830×2,600×1,800 mm
  • Weight : 1,840kg

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